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Truck, Bus or Car — bordero is a web-based platform for efficient work documentation. Easy capture of tours, shifts, and breaks, along with effortless management of vehicles and locations. Drive times and stops can be tracked seamlessly at any time and with additional, useful features, bordero becomes an indispensable companion for every professional driver.

Create shifts

A shift is the period between the start and end of work. Start your shift, choose your vehicle(s), and add locations as a tour. It's that easy.



Manage your visited places effortlessly. Never worry about remembering if you've been there or how to get there. Save images and notes and mark your favorite one.

Locations Locations


Manage your vehicles and select them for each shift. Add notes and images and view useful statistics.

Vehicles Vehicles

Create tours

Tours involve traveling between locations, showing the duration of the journey and the time spent at each place.

Tours Tours

Load management

Each tour allows for the management of transported cargo, as well as the documentation of loading and unloading times as additional features.

Load management Load management Load management

Document breaks

Nobody can work continuously. That's why breaks and rest periods are equally important. By enabling the break management feature in the settings, you will be reminded of your breaks and can conveniently manage them.

Breaks Breaks Breaks


For those who enjoy numbers: A comprehensive list of all utilized resources during the respective time periods is provided. Additionally, the monthly analysis offers more insights and information.

Statistics Statistics

Try it yourself

With the demo application, all features can be thoroughly tested. Simply enter a username and get started. No commitment required.

Frequently asked questions Do you have some questions, that are not listed here? Please send us a message.
Is a free trial for premium available?

No. All premium features can be tested without restrictions in our demo app

I'm not a truck driver. Can i use this app too?

Of course. Change the phrase from truck to bus or car in the settings. Trailers and swaps can be disabled as well

Do i have to upgrade to the paid subscription?

No. If you are happy with the free benefits, its totally fine to stay on this subscription

The break settings are not the same in my country

bordero is created with the german/european regulations in mind. Please tell us about the procedure in your country and we'll find a way to implement it